Fluid Dynamics (10 photos)

It’s a windy day and it’s around noon, the sun is at peak strength. You’re on the last stretch of a 10-mile hike in the back country and you careful walk around this big, muddy puddle in the middle of a dirt road. You look down and you see… this?! What is happening in this puddle? How is this possible?

I have no real explanation other than the interplay of different densities of water and mud combined with the sun and wind. I do know that I was utterly mesmerized by the ever-shifting and changing patterns. Fluid dynamics are absolutely fascinating anyway, and this was about the best example I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. I almost forgot to make photos, we already continued our hike when I grabbed the camera with the macro lens and went back.

I made over 60 photos – which is complete insanity of course, but it was so fascinating! And at home I was glad I made so many of them – for one the water movement was really fast and in some of the photos it is blurry. The other and more important aspect is that I had a good choice of different patterns to choose from. Ten images is not exactly a tight selection, but it was pretty hard to choose!

It was very tempting to go completely overboard with something as abstract as this – there’s a lot to play with here! In the end however, I decided to use the rather strict and formal, classic 5:4 aspect ratio, and the only processing that has been applied to the images is a big bump in contrast, and some dodging and burning here and there.

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