Foggy desert at Joshua Tree NP (8 photos)

My friend Tracy took me to Joshua Tree National Park yesterday – bringing me back to the place seven years after I first visited it, in 2009. He really knows his way around the park, since he’s one of the two authors of the Photographers Guide to Joshua Tree National Park (ebook), and he really packed our day with different activities – and one of the highlights was seeing the desert in fog!

We actually had two encounters with fog – the first one was an inversion that persisted throughout the morning at Pinto Basin, where we did a short hike to the old Silver Bell Mine. On the way up to the mine we passed through the fog and with the sun in our backs we were treated with a “fogbow”, an interesting phenomenon of atmospheric optics – not as colorful as a rainbow of course, but quite amazing to witness.

The second encounter was at Keys View – we obviously went there for the views into Coachella Valley, but found ourselves right in the clouds at the high elevation (around 1500 meters/5000 feet) of Keys View. So we went and photographed the iconic Joshua Trees (it’s not a tree, it’s a yucca – Yucca brevifolia to be precise) in fog, which was quite a treat.

More photos from Joshua Tree will follow. Here’s the fog selection, for now. I’m trying something new with the gallery here – really large images instead of a thumbnail grid. You can still click on any of the images to open them in the slideshow viewer!

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  1. Wow, das muss ein magisches Erlebnis gewesen sein mit diesen unglaublich geformten Bäumen und dem Nebel. Und ihr hattet verdammt Glück mit dem Fogbow: Ich glaube, die Mehrheit der Menschen hat nie so etwas erlebt.

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