Foggy Shan Lin Xi

I’ve been working on a black & white landscape/nature/scenery gallery of the images from Taiwan for a while. I had it online briefly already, but then found that, with more than one year between making the photos and the initial edits for my travelogue series of blog posts, that quite some of the photos did not meet my expectations anymore. When I went back to my archive to re-evaluate the image selection, I found this set of three forest photos that just belong together.

They were made at Shan Lin Xi (Sun Link Sea), a popular nature retreat in the higher forest regions of Nantou County in the heart of Taiwan (Nantou is the only county without a coastline, it is entirely inland). People go there to escape the heat and humidity of the lowlands, to hike and visit the popular waterfalls and other well known features. When we arrived it was a clear blue day, but in the afternoon fog moved in. It shrouded the forest, muting and at the same time enchanting the place.

Regular readers and followers of my photography know how much I love fog (portfolio galleries, blog posts) – and in the thick and lush green forest it was bliss! Voices of tourists drifted away almost eerily, muffled with the fog and an underlying mute rushing of nearby Blue Dragon waterfall, completed by peaceful bird calls echoing through the woods. We often stopped on the forest path for a couple of minutes, just listening to the birds.

And while the photos do not contain any of these sounds of course, they do emanate an intense feeling of calm and silence to me. I hope you like them.

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