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Frosty Morning

Morning frost in Southern California is quite obviously rather rare, especially at the elevations where most of its inhabitants live. :-) When the weather forecast promised a cold night with frost I was out early to enjoy the results. My friend Tracy joined me on one of my usual morning walks at Lake Hodges, together with little Toni, of course (who enjoys the cold weather tremendously as she’s getting older).

Please bear with me that some of the photos below are merely a look at the plants of our chaparral and sagebrush communities that I’m familiar with, and more of a documentary nature (as is often the case in my blog posts). They’re born out of the curiosity “what does that stuff look like with morning frost?” of course. :-)

PS: I smuggled a cellphone photo in there. I don’t know how easy it’ll be to find – my point is… these boundaries are getting blurrier and blurrier…

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