Geometry of Shadows

I submitted the following images to my photo club’s “Small Projects” photo quest — I might as well share them here! The quest was about creating a group of 3-5 images that are tied together by certain aspects (how many or how few was up to the photographer).

Personally, I think that combining multiple similarities together creates a stronger expression. It was clear to me that I’d photograph in color, and that I’d keep the same orientation and aspect ratio of my images. But I didn’t really have an idea what I’d do, only that I wanted it to be “something different” (from what I usually photograph).

So as a starting point for my small project, I chose to limit myself to the interior of our house, and what I could photograph with a 50mm prime lens.

Wandering around, I noticed how the light falling into the house from different windows created shadows at certain wall corners, and how these shadows overlapped and multiplied, creating geometric shapes and, depending on the wall color and direction of the light, also different color combinations.

I isolated just shapes and colors to create abstract geometrics, cleaned up many imperfections that the walls of an older house inevitably have 😜 and chose a soft rendition to focus on the shapes and colors while also trying to retain just a hint of what the photos actually show.

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12 thoughts on “Geometry of Shadows”

  1. I see your architectural photography expertise here. They’re beautiful! There’s something very painterly here, I think it’s the slightly soft focus. That and the color shifts (warm to cool) make these much more than they might have been in someone else’s hands.


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