Gloomy Morning at Flat Rock

When I recently revised some older photos I had another good look at this set of images from July 2012. I had one here on the site already, another one was fully processed, and because all good things come in threes, I processed a third image to match the other two.

Using strong ND filters such as the 6-stop and 10-stop filters than I’m using for long exposures introduces a nasty color cast – I guess that’s one of the reasons why so much long exposure photos are black & white. ;) Fixing the colors would be possible with a custom color profile for the camera/filter combination, but since I find the aesthetics of color more important than their accuracy, I do not possess this technology.

In this case, I decided to embrace and emphasize the false color. The purple tint of the clouds as well as the pale glowing yellow of the foreground rocks are the result. I’m quite pleased with how this set turned out.

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