Gloomy Morning at Scripps Coastal Preserve

A little bit north of Scripps Pier lies the beach section of Scripps Coastal Preserve (there’s also a “knoll” part, high above the southern part of Black’s Beach). Photographically speaking, it’s probably the most underrepresented part of San Diego’s coast, despite the fact that there are some really beautiful rock formations (yes, I’ve been there a couple of times).

This may have to do with the fact that access is quite dependent on the tides. :-} My friend Tracy and I went on a Saturday morning ten days ago, the tide was just beginning to come in. And sure enough, on our way out we made contact with some friendly waves.

Even though it is quite unlikely that these gloomy photos will easily attract a buyer, it was great (and necessary) to return to some rather personal work – which will probably only be popular within photographic circles, where people see and understand tonalities, textures and structures, and where the scene itself (as in, a photo of a certain location) and how pretty it looks is not that important.

Actually, one of the reasons why I like making photos in these conditions so much is simply that I can take my time – a marine layer that is deep enough will be quite persistent, much unlike a sunrise or sunset, where you essentially have to make a decision where you want to be well in advance, and then just hang out and wait for those few minutes where the sky will hopefully light up. I much prefer to wander around, look at things from all kinds of angles, and then simply stop when I feel like I’ve had enough – and not when the conditions dictate that. It also eliminates the nagging “fear of missing out” whether I’m really in the best possible spot… :-P

And so I’ve made quite some photos that I’m happy with. Here are three of them, for now (I may share some more images later).

*) I find it quite interesting how that happens. When I find myself “in the zone” and truly enter this meditative state of working the camera, evaluating a scene, composing a photo, I don’t feel like I’ll ever get tired of it – and then all of a sudden, it’s over, as if the “photographic part of my brain” shuts down and says, “okay, enough, overload”…

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  1. Love these all, especially the first one – and am very familiar with the feeling of “okay, enough, overload…” and at that point it’s best to pack it in for the day.

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