Golden Autumn

Last Thursday, a storm moved through San Diego County and on these rare occasions (it’s still Southern California!) I like to take my chances and drive out into the back country for a hike with Toni, or just to make some photos at familiar places. My usual route took me up to Santa Ysabel on Highway 78, then to Mesa Grande – a place that never disappoints, especially when we have “weather” (I do not exactly consider the usual sunny and blueskied days that people are so fond of when they talk about San Diego weather – photographically, it’s just a nuisance;-).

Around sunset, I ended up at Lake Henshaw, visiting one of my favorite trees, and then for a couple of minutes just before sunset, the clouds dispersed and gave way for this beautiful, golden and soft light, to bathe the pastures and the autumnal willows and cottonwoods in pure warmth. It was almost unreal.

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