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Greeting Cards for the Season

As mentioned in my End Notes for October 2020, it might be a good idea to shop for seasonal greeting cards a little bit earlier this year, just to take into account the potential COVID-19 related delays in production.

Below, I compiled a selection or more or less “winter” themed motifs that work well as greeting cards. I’m particularly happy with the fact that I do have a number of snow scenes from Southern California, and added some images from “the old world” as well, for good measure. :)

Not all of the photos might instantly make sense if you’re not familiar with San Diego County and its diverse landscapes. I’d like to point out three from the selection below that could be considered “iconic” or typical for the season here:

  • the bright red berries of Heteromeles arbutifolia commonly known as Toyon or Christmas Berry decorate the bushes late in the year – together with the Coast Live Oak branch, this a very typical winter scene in the riparian canyons and woodlands (and the red and green color scheme!;-)
  • Granite Mountain, the big ridge of rock which dominates the view from the Pacific Crest along Sunrise Highway, with a thin dusting of snow just after a winter storm – a familiar sight for those who visit the Laguna Mountains and cruise on Sunrise Highway;
  • Toro Peak seen from West Butte Borrego Mountain, a beautiful mixture that can be enjoyed when timing a desert hike with or right after a winter storm.

As usual, on small-screen devices like phones or tablets, you can just scroll down. On larger screens, you may also click on any image to open it in the slideshow gallery view – for the best effect, I suggest switching your browser to full-screen mode (Windows: F11, Mac: ^⌘F).

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