Halflight at the Tide Pools of Tabletop Reef

My photo of the month for November comes from an all too familiar place – the tide pools of Tabletop Reef. I was there one morning just as the fog burned off and the sun came through.

I spent the early morning at Lake Hodges that day, photographing the White Pelicans, and then continued to the beach. I didn’t expect it to be this foggy actually – had I known I would’ve been there earlier. Dense fog at this spot is something that I still have not photographed (the best was this situation in April 2011, but I was nowhere near the tide pools then).

But, the more I looked at this particular image, the more I began to like it. There’s actually a lot going on in the image (and there’s a good chance that only I can see and appreciate all of it, because I’m so familiar with this place – it’s one of these things that actually makes photography and visiting the same place over and over again so valuable).

I picked this photo primarily for the subtlety of colors, textures, shapes and lines – but these qualities just don’t really come out at smaller sizes, unfortunately. Some images are just like that. I hope you’re not reading this on the tiny screen of your smartphone. :-)

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