Halloween Sunset (2 photos)

All Hallows’ Eve at Hospital Point, La Jolla. Well, the first photo was actually past sunset – a great time to make photos since the colors in the sky are best, but our “blue hour” is more like “blue 20-30 minutes” – dusk is always short, we’re on approximately the same latitude as Morocco…

Pothole Sunset -- Hospital Point, La Jolla, California, United States
Pothole Sunset — Hospital Point, La Jolla, CA. October 2014.

Technical details: this is a blend of two frames – one 8-second long exposure for the foreground (with a 6-stop filter; though looking at it, something like 3-5 seconds would have been more desirable, to preserve a little more structure and the shape of the waves that are rolling in), and one 1/20-second exposure for the sky.

Combining the two exposures was not really necessary because of the dynamic range of the scene, but because of the cloud movement: they really moved quite fast, and the 8 second exposure had just the right amount of blurriness in the clouds that looked completely crappy (a 30-second exposure would have rendered the clouds into more beautiful streaks, perhaps). Having the 1/20s exposure came in handy, and was actually a happy “accident” – because it was a test photo for the exposure, before putting the ND filter into place. :)

Here’s an actual sunset photo – an incredibly brief moment when the sun moved below the clouds over the ocean and shone it’s light through that narrow gap between water and vapor… and then reflected on the wet rocks. I was lucky that I had the camera ready at that spot:

La Jolla Sunset -- Hospital Point, La Jolla, California, United States
La Jolla Sunset — Hospital Point, La Jolla, CA. October 2014.

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  1. I love these gorgeous pictures. I had my second son at Scripps La Jolla, and we lived in Cardiff by the Sea. I wish I never left. What a great area to snap photos. KUDOS

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