Happy Birthday… to me!

It’s my birthday, and my gift to you is an “at cost” discount code for prints & products at store.alex-kunz.com – “at cost” means you do not pay any markup at all! You only pay the price for the material itself (paper, canvas, matte, frame, whatever you choose). The discount code is valid for all products, no limit – get a print on textured watercolor paper, toss in some greeting cards, add a canvas, mix, stir, and…

Enter this code during checkout:


Code expires on May 9th 11:59pm (23:59) EST (Eastern Standard Time, that’s GMT-4)

Spread the word, spread the love, spread this post. Feel free to share! And here is a photo of a happy dog.

Running in May -- Tachinger See, Tengling, Bavaria, Germany
Running in May — Tachinger See, Tengling, Bavaria, Germany. May 2008

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  1. Well… happy (belated) birthday. I’ve got one of those coming up soon too. It’s scary — seems like I just had one. They’re coming faster all the time… :/

    1. They do! It has to do with percentages. When you were 5 years old and turned six, that was 20% of your life – an incredibly long time! When you’re 50 and turn 51 however, that’s just 2% of your entire life. And of course 2% pass much faster than 20%. ;-)

      1. Well, that explains it then. So instead of saying I’ve gotten a year older, I can say I’ve only aged about 1.6%. I feel younger already. Thanks… :D

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