Help & Services

I offer the following services to digital photography enthusiasts and professionals. We can either meet on location in the greater San Diego area, and/or work via remote desktop/screen sharing software — anywhere in the world. Please contact me if you’re interested so that I can understand what you need help with and want to learn.

Adobe Lightroom

I have been a Lightroom (Classic) user since version 1 of the software. I offer workflow, organization, develop (post processing) and general help using the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ecosystem of products. I work both as an individual tutor and group instructor.

Photo Reviews

Through my years of experience as a judge for both local photo clubs and online photo communities, as an instructor for developing photos, and from working with individual clients, I can help you grow your own photographic art with a meaningful discussion of your images.

Photo Workflow

I am keenly aware of the requirements of photographers when it comes to their computer, storage and backup needs. I have 11 years of IT experience with a systems integrator specialized in small and medium enterprise. I will passionately share my knowledge and expertise with you.

Depending on the scope and type of work required, an initial on-site meeting will be useful to analyze what you have and what you need.

If you’d like to tackle a specific problem, don’t hesitate to ask!

Developing Photos

You enjoy photography — but you actually don’t enjoy spending hours in front of the screen, evaluating and developing your photos. Don’t worry! First: you’re not alone. Second: I actually do enjoy that part, and develop 95% of my own photos in Lightroom alone. My only requirement is: you use raw data (not JPEG) and ideally, you’re also using Lightroom, of course.

The precise workflow depends on the amount of photos per batch.

If you’re interested, please contact me to talk about the details.

Photography Training & Mentorships

Photographic training and paid mentorships for landscape and nature photographers – camera usage; lenses, filters and other gear; practice sessions at home or on a location, photo discussions, portfolio building and curation.

This is usually a medium to long-term relationship, highly individualized, and free-form. Let’s talk about it!

Other Computer & Website Services

Common other services that I offer on request that relate to computers and running a website include:

Computer migration services (Windows to macOS, old Apple computer to new Apple computer) and website migration services (move from hosted to “self-hosted”


My price for tutoring and help is $90/hour for on-site sessions and $66/hour for online sessions, using screen-sharing & remote control software. If you have more complex and time consuming work that will require multiple sessions, I offer discounts:

  • 10% discount on 4 or more hours (in a single session)
  • $100 discount on full day sessions ($620 instead of $720).

Please contact me to set up an appointment. You can also find & book me through the Wyzant tutoring platform if you prefer.

I do not sell any products in my teaching and consulting.


I’m in San Diego, on the US West Coast in Southern California, in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8). I’m generally available from 8 a.m. through 6 p.m. (18:00) PST, Monday through Saturday. Please reach out to me to make an appointment.

Please add 1 hour if you’re in MST (UTC-7), 2 hours for CST (UTC-6), 3 hours for EST (UTC-5), 9 hours for CET (UTC+1).

Client Testimonials

Following are a few testimonials that have been submitted for my services on Wyzant (tutoring platform). You can book me there, or by getting in touch with me directly.

Alex was able to assist me in cleaning up my Lightroom files and showing me how to import my photos properly with presets and organize my Lightroom catalogue. He also went above and beyond with advice on how to keep my files organized. The lesson was wonderful as he is a great communicator and took the time to be sure I understood everything before moving on to other things. I plan on continuing my lessons on a weekly basis based on the productivity of this one lesson and I know under his tutelage I will soon be proficient with this software. He has a great personality and makes things easy to understand. Kudos to Alex!

(Mark L., Manchester, MD)

I feel like I learned more from Alex in one session that I did in 2 months of a college photography class. He also sent a session summary which is great for someone like me who has trouble remembering things they don’t do every day.

(Andrea H., Tampa, FL)

Alex was so incredibly helpful and patient! I hired him to help my 78 year old friend learn Lightroom and he was absolutely fantastic with her! We both learned a lot from him and we definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn! :)

(Christina D., La Jolla, CA)

Alexander is worth every penny. He was on time, worked diligently the entire time, was patient with me when I asked rookie questions, and explained everything in easy-to-understand terms. He also gave me some suggestions that have already proven to be a tremendous help. I have already booked him for a follow-up lesson. I cannot recommend him strongly enough.

(Cory B., San Diego, CA)

Alexander is easy to follow and his communication skills were aimed at my level of understanding. I have practiced photography over many years and have a degree in biomedical photography from R.I.T. Rochester, N.Y. It is clear to me that Alexander is an accomplished photographer, Lightroom expert and teacher. I took a Lightroom course two years ago, so I knew a little, but in two hours I learned more specific details than the course I took. I truly feel lucky to have chosen Alexander.

(Nelson B., San Diego, CA)

Alexander was great. He obviously knew the ins and outs of Lightroom and helped me get my catalog to a new computer, discovering in the process that the file was corrupt. He figured it out and I’m back in business. Fantastic.

(Todd G., Saint Louis, MO)

This was a great experience. Alex really helped a lot. He really knows his way around Lightroom and saved me a lot of extra time. Thank you for helping me out today.

(Jason Z., Carlsbad, CA)

In this first session, Alexander went over the organizational features of LR. Labeling images, applying metadata, import presets, flagging and rating images, smart collections, and just so much more! He was clear and concise and made sense of it all. And so willing to stop and answer questions. I am so excited to put into practice what I learned and anxious to jump into the develop module next time!

(Lorna H., Oceanside, CA)