Photo Discussion & Critique


Through my years of experience as a judge for both local photo clubs and online photo communities, as an instructor for developing photos, and from working with individual clients, I can help you grow your own photographic art with a meaningful discussion of your images.


For each photograph that I review, you will receive comments on the three cornerstones of photographic work:

  1. technical execution and proficiency (operating the camera, understanding exposure)
  2. composition and artistic expression
  3. developing photos in the (digital) darkroom

For the best insight into your work, especially with regards to technical proficiency and effective use of the digital darkroom, I will ask you to submit both your finalized image as you would print or display it, as well as your source material (ideally, raw data).

Interested? Here’s How It Works

Please contact me to talk about the details, where you’re at, what you’re looking to learn most from a review, and to place an order.

Once you placed your order and paid for it (depending on the number of images I will either ask for full payment in advance, or a 50% first payment), I will send you a file request that you can use to digitally submit your images to me. Depending on my workload and the number of images you wish to have reviewed, please allow 1-2 weeks for completion.

I send reviews via email (one per submitted photograph) and in a PDF (all reviews in one file). Using email allows us to discuss and have a conversation, should you have any questions.

If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  • Single photo: $25
  • Five photos: $100
  • Ten photos: $150
  • More than ten photos: please contact me.