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Hohenzollern Castle

A few photos from our visit to Hohenzollern Castle near Bisingen in Germany. The castle is located at a stunning location on a hillside (German: “zoller” or “soller”, Hohenzollern means “high on the hill”) overlooking the plains and hills that surround it.

We heard that the castle was one of the most accessible historic buildings of this type in Germany, but upon our arrival, it turned out that this only meant the exterior portions of the castle. Access to the interior was limited to the chapels and some rooms and halls during a guided tour. Most other parts of the castle were out of reach. During the guided tour, no photography was allowed either, for whatever absurd reasons.

The castle is still actively used for representative purposes, but only during the milder spring and summer months – it doesn’t have central heating, and its location up on the hill makes it a rather unpleasant place to stay during the winter months.


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