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Hörndlwand Hike

Some of my earliest hiking documentary photos, from a hike to Hörndlwand from Weitsee in Bavaria. It was actually the second time I hiked Hörndlwand, but on the first hike (taking the more direct route from Seehaus via Ostertalgraben) I didn’t have a camera. :)

On this second hike I started at Weitsee and took the trail along Großer Wappbach to Röthelmoos (a beautiful high alpine marsh), then to the summit of Hörndlwand. Going back down I took the steep Jagersteig to Sulzenmoosgraben and Röthelmoos, and then back to Großer Wappbach and the car. Weitsee in evening light was beautiful and peaceful so I stopped and made some more photos (actually the best ones from the whole day IMHO).

For the most part, the hike is in the forest, and it was typical day for late June – rather damp, with a lot of moisture in the air. Visibility from the summit was rather limited because of the strong haze.

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