How to make a slot canyon

“How it started” vs “how it’s going”, desert slot canyon style. ;) (and in case you’re scratching your head now, here’s an explanation from the New York Times)

These two photos are from that “epic” day in the desert at the end of March (the second photo is of course a top view into the “Twisting Staircase” slot canyon; the first photo is not far away from it) and joking aside now, seeing them side by side illustrates very well the mind-boggling time spans and forces at work here…

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3 thoughts on “How to make a slot canyon”

  1. While I normally do not offer unsolicited advice, this post could be jazzed up with a how-to video, or one of those lappy time things. ;-p

  2. Thanks for keeping me up on a lot of things, including music and food! I guess we might have to wait awhile for a lappy time thing…


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