Huckinger See Twilight (Forest & Shrooms)

A few impressions from a twilight walk in the woods around the Huckinger lakes in Austria.

This is an archive post, added to the site in December 2018, and dated back to September 2010, when I actually made the photos. “Ents” has been online as part of my “Huckinger Seen” portfolio for a very long time. Fine art prints of Huckinger See are available in my print-on-demand store (if you wish to have a photo as print that is missing in the store, please contact me).

Here are some close-ups of shrooms. The Porcelain Fungus is particularly interesting because it only grows on Beech trees.

Tech Notes

All photos were made with the 105mm f/2.8 macro lens on a Nikon D700, hand-held. ISO for these photos is either 2500 or 6400. Nikon’s D3 and D700 were the first cameras with a relatively low-resolution (12 megapixel) full frame sensor that allowed capturing images in dim light with low noise (again relatively).

Printed at moderate sizes, the noise is absolutely not an issue in these images. Only photographers obsess about noise when they zoom in to a high-ISO image and stare at the pixels in 100% magnification. ;-)


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