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Into the Woods

We still say that we’re “out of the woods” when we get out of peril, danger, distress, or managed to get past the critical point of an illness or injury. According to the collective knowledge of the internet (which always has to be taken with a grain of salt), this saying dates back to the time of early American pioneers, who would rather continue a daily trek to make camp only when they were outside of the perils of dark and eerie forests.

Today’s woods are far less threatening, and nothing could be more soothing and healing than a walk in the woods when it rains, for a body and soultortured ;) by weeks and weeks of Southern California summer heat.

We indeed had what felt like quite an extended period of unusual warm weather – except for a couple of cloudy days, it seemed to stretch from July right through to September, so when this nice storm moved through Southern California on Sunday and Monday, it was a great relief and meant “into the woods!” for me – I went for a walk with Toni, returning to Palomar Mountain’s Observatory Trail for the first time in almost three years.

I remembered a particularly beautiful stretch of the trail that leads through a wonderful patch of open Canyon Live Oak (Quercus chrysolepsis) woods that I hadn’t photographed previously. The canyon’s slopes are strewn with boulders, and plenty of beautiful moss grows on both trees and boulders alike. It was late morning on Monday and only me and Toni where there. Except for the dripping sounds of the rain and a light, an occasional breeze that brushed the leaves and twigs, it was all quiet and still. In other words, simply perfect.

Who would expect San Diego to provide such hauntingly beautiful, lush green beauty?

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