The Jack Creek Meadow Titan (3 photos)

On a hike with Scott Turner at Daley Ranch yesterday, we came by this old favorite oak of mine – a giant, patriarch Coast Live Oak along the Jack Creek Meadow trail. I’ve photographed it before and presented it in black & white then just like now. One of its massive limbs fell (quite a while ago, it was broken off already when I made my first photo, linked above) but the rest is still incredibly impressive. I’ve named it the “Jack Creek Meadow Titan”. :-)

Tech. These are cellphone photos once more, photographed with Lightroom Mobile’s camera, capturing raw data. I’ve developed the photos as usual on the desktop, using Lightroom. I cannot even begin to describe how much more I enjoy cellphone photography now that it is possible to work with raw data. The files don’t compare to DSLR quality of course, but the latitude for creatively developing DNG files is just so much greater compared to the overly denoised and sharpened JPEG files that Apple’s camera app produces – it is simply astonishing.

This is an interesting realization – for me, it’s more about the data quality as a whole and what I can do with, and less about individual pixels. I’ve never really been a pixel peeper (I hope), and developing these 12 megapixel files to my liking is great, and so much fun. Maybe just because it’s fresh and new and a little more exciting – but maybe a compact camera for hiking isn’t such a bad idea after all, if I’m getting tired of hauling the heavy DSLR around – as long as it’s able to capture raw data, I’ll probably be a happy camper.

But then again, with the iPhone 7 plus’ dual camera setup (28mm and 57mm equivalent focal lengths), how much longer are we going to need compact cameras, at all?

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