January 2016 Summary

Things are beginning to settle down with our house (there’s always something, of course – “that’s why you buy a house!” as one of our neighbors said… hmmmm!) and I found some time for the website and working on my photography archives in the background in January. I even managed to make some photos, and take friends out on a desert hike. Following is a summary of what’s been going on here on the site “behind the scenes”.

Rime-ice covered trees at Lengthal, Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany
Rime-ice covered Trees — Lengthal, Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany. December 2007.
A recent addition to the Winter archives.

Portfolio Clean-Up

As announced last year, I’m cleaning up my portfolio galleries in an attempt to get rid of the more “generic” portfolio galleries that only contain photos which fit into a rather general topic. So far, the victims are my three seasonal portfolio galleries (Autumn, Winter, Spring – I never had a “Summer” portfolio…), the “Colorful Trees” gallery, and the “Flowers & Plants in Color” gallery.

I’ve added a keyword “portfolio” to these images, which makes them still easily accessible through my Archive page. Example: the archive for the keyword “spring” – simply click on “portfolio” in the keyword strip above the thumbnails, et voila.

This approach also makes it possible to browse all images that I consider “portfolio” quality, and then further limit the selection with the keyword filter bar (I’m still working on adding the “portfolio” keyword to all such images, the archive page is not complete yet).

Blog Post Archives

I found the time to add some more archive blog posts to the site. Those posts contain older photos and stories that I’ve shared to social media and photo sharing sites before, but never here – a mistake. And there’s still plenty of catching up to do… also, I’m moving some of the more photography/background posts over from my personal blog – those are usually posts with just a single image, to talk about something, illustrate it, make a point… you get the idea.

The archive posts do get announced/shared to my Facebook page, Google+ profile and Twitter account, but they’re not pushed as “new” posts to email subscribers. Here is the complete list:

Tech Notes along with Photos

Realizing that I do have readers who are interested in the more technical and photo-philosophical bits and background information, I’ve added a new post keyword (tag) “tech” for blog posts that contain some technical information about the photographic process that led to the final image (in addition to the “Philosophy” category, which focuses more on… well, that – yes, maybe this needs a bit more thinking and/or consolidation in the future;-).

However, since photographers are not my primary audience, I’m keeping this stuff a little bit “tucked away”, towards the end of each post. Those who are interested will easily find it, but that way it doesn’t get too much in the way of the general audience I hope.

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