January 2017 Summary

Hello 2017 again, and hello year of the rooster, if you’re also following the lunar calendar. :-) I’ve been trying to ramp up my productivity a bit in January, and here’s my monthly summar of what’s been going on around my website and photography.

A New Approach to Blogging

I’ve decided to take a different approach to posting on the blog this year. I want to achieve two goals: 1. share recent photos more timely and 2. untangle the mess that I’m in with regards to my processing and publishing backlog.

With my more inclusive selection approach of photos to appear in my blog posts (as opposed to my portfolio galleries), I often have multiple picks from an outing – but processing them all takes too much time, and that hinders me from share something recent more spontaneously. But at the same time, I want to keep images from a single day/event/outing together, in a single blog post…

When I import my images and do some initial culling, I quite often see one “instant favorite” that stands out – and that will be the photo that I’ll publish right away. Later on, I’ll come back and update the blog post with the rest of the photos. I’ll probably put a note which posts have been updated here in my monthly summary, and maybe also re-share it on social media.

This way, I’m hoping to bring back a little bit of spontaneity, without falling back to using only social media. I really want my own website to be the origin and starting point when I put photos out there. Another benefit will be that the blog content is more in sync with my activities (and in the long-run, the online archive here matches my offline archive on the computer).

This idea is only a couple of days old so I’ve yet to follow through. I’ll probably date back everything from January that hasn’t made it onto the site at all as a blog post, to keep the archives consistent.

Hello photo organization OCD! ;-)

Photo of the Month

The different approach to blogging means that I need to change my mode for the “photo of the month” – if the photo I pick at the end of the month happens to be one that I already published, it would be a duplicate. And that’s the case already for January! :-) So the blog post archive for the photo of the month will go away, I’ll add a gallery page (yet to do…) with the picks – and announce the pick here:

For January, my photo of the month is “Winter Oaks“. I’m still so in awe with the conditions I had up at Volcan Mountain in the snow!

Bare Black Oaks (Quercus kelloggii) in snow and fog at Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve, Julian, California, January 2017.
Bare Black Oaks (Quercus kelloggii) in snow and fog at Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve, Julian, California, January 2017. Photo of the month for January 2017. Click to open in my store.

Larger Photos

I’m adding new photos to the site at a slightly higher resolution than I used to (a maximum of 1280 pixels on the long side now, versus 980 pixels before). This will only be visible if you’re using a higher resolution display obviously (ie. when you visit my site with a laptop or desktop computer).

This change will be most apparent in the galleries when you click on a thumbnail and use the slideshow viewer to browse the photos. For me, it’s just streamlining the process, since I can use one image size for my website and social media – Facebook for example scales the images down (both size- and quality wise) and giving it a little more data to work with yields better looking results.

Portfolio Additions

Recent hikes and outings lead to some photos that I deem good enough to appear more prominently in one of my portfolio galleries. The  galleries Tabletop Reef, The Veil and Desert Plants have been updated, with these photos:

Blog Archive Additions

I’ve managed to work on older photos again this month – and I hope I’ll be able to keep this up and complete the online archive here one day. And this will take a long, long time – even my hikes in Germany still aren’t fully published here! :-)

This month, I’ve added the following blog posts to the archive:

Zwiesel Hike (12 photos, Germany, color, October 2008), Hiking Morena Butte (6 photos, color, March 2012), First visit to Canyon Sin Nombre (13 photos, color, December 2011), South Cardiff & Tabletop Reef (6 photos, color, December 2012), Point Sal Pastures (3 photos, color, September 2013),

Photo Archive Additions

Last not least, here are some more or less recent photos and/or “singles” that didn’t make it into a blog post, but that are nice enough to have online:

That’s it for January. Looking at all this now, I think I did well. :-) Thanks for reading, and see you around soon.

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  1. Great new posting format. I have a similar issue and an outsized backlog. I know you always select your Photo of the Month and I thought your Volcan Mountain image was going to be the winner. A great image indeed.

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