Oh January Jollity

This is the January summary post for all things that happened here on the site and around my photography.

The most important change is that I’m blogging more, and that more photos will appear in these blog posts. Daytrips, hiking and photo outings will be documented in the blog and these posts will be accompanied with little image galleries. I’ll try to post more about my activities here, and share single images and additions to my portfolio galleries on Flickr, Google+ and Twitter (links are in the sidebar – that’s where the “stream” of new photos will be, but the “hub” for all things was and is this website).

Fish Creek Wash Abstract
Layers — Fish Creek Wash, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, California, United States.
From the “Desert Minutiae” gallery.
You can buy a print of this photo on Fine Art America.

So what’s been going on in January, otherwise?

Also, I’m still catching up with processing images and writing about desert daytrips that I did in January, so there’s more coming, for sure. :)

You probably noticed that I didn’t mention Facebook among the services where I regularly share my photos. And that’s one other change I want to mention… and at a bit more length. I started my photography page on Facebook to give my Facebook friends the choice whether they want to see my photos. But now that Facebook limits the reach of all posts so much (less than 5% of those who “liked” a page will be shown a new post), I would have to pay to make sure that even my own friends who liked my page get to see my photos in their Facebook Newsfeed.

Needless to say, I can not support such a twisted and screwed up system – photography is not a major source of income, I simply can’t pay $5 or more per post to “boost” the reach when I post several times per week. Also, I think that those who expressed that they wish to see my posts (by “liking” my photography page, obviously) very much indeed should actually see them, without me having to pay for it! Otherwise, what’s the point of “liking” a page of Facebook, when you don’t get to see what’s posted there?

So my Facebook page is on “auto pilot”, with only blog posts and activity from other sources being automatically published there. I’m not sharing photos on Facebook like I used to (and still do on the other three platforms) anymore, I’m sorry. Also, I think that Facebook is more a place for personal updates from friends. And indeed, when I switch my profile photo, that activity gets more attention than when I post a great photo – so there’s no point in posting my photos there. It’s just not why people are on Facebook, no matter how much Facebook would like to become something else.

But, enough of that. The crazy weather has finally come to an end, and we saw the first storm bringing a little rain moving through last week, with the second one approaching as I write this, so there’s hope for some dramatic skies and photos in February. Finally! :-)

See you around, and all the best to you!

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  1. Yeah…FB is fast becoming a family and friends thing only for me with links on my profile page only. I’ve noticed that even when I post a link…it only shows up on my profile page…not the home page. Many do not garner any responses, which tells me it isn’t making it out to my followers.
    They want cash.

  2. I’ve had exactly the same experience with Facebook. I can post the exact same photo on both Google+ and Facebook, and the G+ post will garner dozens of comments, tens of thousands of views, and scores of +1s, while the Facebook post will get five likes or fewer and maybe 150 views tops. It’s sad they are using money to hold posts for ransom, essentially.

  3. Nice summing up. Seems that I actually missed some posts and what’s more important some photos. And of course “Gut Licht!” for february as we Germans say :)

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