January Summary

January is over already – isn’t it crazy? Where did time go? It has been a busy month with regards to photography. I’m still not done with processing the December photos (and even older stuff… sigh) – and now I’ve added even more images to the processing backlog!

Which is not that surprising: winter means it’s not just desert hiking season, but also “stormy weather” season. Well, at least in theory. We didn’t get an awful lot of rain in January but at least some (and me and Joe got soaked real good on a desert hike). Something else was crazy about that too: Southern California got more rain than the Bay Area – because SF got no rain in January …at all! Anyway, enough with the talk about the weather. :)

Granite boulder in desert slot canyon
About Time — Palm Wash, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, CA
New in the Slot Canyons portfolio.

In January, there have been additions to the following galleries: Desert Monochrome, Desert Color, Slot Canyons, Colorful Trees, Malpais/Badlands, Chromasea – and there will be quite some to follow for sure (and I hope I didn’t miss any, either;-).

Also, new collages of the Small Sets collection are available in the store. Those are neat to get as one single print. Metal, acrylic or canvas style work great for them.

I continued created more archive entries (blog posts) for Tabletop Reef/Cardiff State Beach and Torrey Pines. Have a look.

Last not least, in addition to my Top 10 photos of 2014 I also created a gallery with my favorite cellphone photos of 2014 – email subscribers (and Flickr followers, since I don’t upload cellphone photos to Flickr usually) didn’t get a notification for it because I dated it back, so that it would appear at the end of December. I also created this retrospect for my 2013 and 2012 cellphone images, have a look if you like quirky little hipsta retro insta styled photos. :)

As usual – I hope you like the photos! And if you wish to stay up to date with my posts here, the easiest way to do that is to subscribe via email (following on social media kinda works too, but with their wicked algorithms, you never know what you’re going to get!).

I hope you had a good start into the year 2015, see you around!

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