July 2017 Update

Hi there! Time for another end-of-month summary and update with my photo of the month, portfolio additions, blog updates, and archive additions – I’ll spare you the crazy-how-time-flies talk this time. Almost. ;-)

Summer is here and I made only very few photos in July and August last year, due to the weather and our vegetation slowly going dormant. And I’ve often thought about making one month of the year a “sabbatical” and force myself to simply catch up, and just not make more new photos (adding to the ever-growing backlog).

And then this year, after the various “superblooms” of spring piqued my interest in our local wildflowers, I’m discovering new sights and sides to local areas that I had long thought as being thoroughly examined, photographically. There are still interesting wildflowers to be found in both the coastal and mountain areas of San Diego County, for example (and I’m still hopelessly behind processing those images) – so my view of the summer months has certainly changed.

And now there’s of course the usual temptations of monsoon season with the dramatic clouds and storms it brings. And over the years, I’ve learned that being active outdoors, physically and working a camera, are really cornerstones of my overall wellness. After spending hours in front of the computer, reviewing and processing images, I need an occasional escape into (more or less) wild nature to stay grounded in reality. So screw that sabbatical, and embrace the processing backlog! :-D (the war-cry of digital photographers…)

Photo of the Month

My photo of the month is from a recent hike to Garnet Peak with Peter. I titled it “The Yin with the Yang” (yes, I need to work on more poetic titles) – the transition from the dark and rocky, detail-rich ridge of the Sawtooth Mountains to the soft-looking, brightly lit desert landscape disappearing in a monsoonal haze should make that one pretty obvious… :-P

I’ve always enjoyed the views from the Laguna Crest into the desert, but somehow, the whole area spoke more to me during recent visits. The saying “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough” is attributed to Robert Capa – and I want to think that he didn’t just mean “physically close enough” but also “emotionally close enough” in order to truly “connect” with whatever you’re making photos of.

Maybe all the macro photography I’ve done has brought me a little bit closer to everything – including myself, and then from inside, this feeling stretches outward again and helps me see a familiar landscape with a keener eye. I’ve always thought I should steer clear of the esoteric babbling when it comes to photography, and yet here I am, thinking “did I just write that?!” :-D – I guess the important part is that something inside me knows this is true, so it’s not embarrassing to get out.

I’m feeling tired of writing search engine optimized titles, captions and text, and thus emotionally reducing myself to a plain and machine readable narrative laced with all the right keywords – but little personality. Search engines reduce the world to algorithms and popularity (similar to social media). Photographs are deeply personal, so why shouldn’t the words that go along with them be personal, too?

Blog Updates

I’ve updated the following blog posts with multiple new photos:

If you think you missed one of my recent posts, just scroll through the July 2017 blog archive.

Portfolio Additions

I’m quite behind in updating my own portfolio galleries but while browsing I’ve discovered some images that are actually a great match for inclusion in my Shrublands gallery:

Archive Additions

Going through the archives I’ve also found some single images that I’ve added to the site but they do not appear in any blog post or portfolio gallery, so here are those:

Last not least, I’m happy to say that my idea of doing a monthly review and picking a photo of the month is spreading – my friends Tracy M. Schultze and Bo Nielsen also posted theirs, and do so for a while now. Please take a look, and if you post yours regularly, send me a trackback.

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4 thoughts on “July 2017 Update”

  1. I was excited to see the “esoteric babbling.” I enjoy reading about people’s inner feelings about art. I think it’s another layer of connection and often leads to ” ahhh…I’m not the only one” moments, even if you aren’t getting to share that moment with your readers. I would encourage you to trod on the path more often. You have a knack for expressing yourself clearly and I think others can relate. I also liked the title right away (Yin/Yang). I thought it worked quite well. I could certainly see it.

    • Thanks a lot, Jeff! And I so agree about the “ahhh, I’m not the only one” part – I just never thought about my own words that way! :-) So I’m very happy to hear that my words can provide some comfort and/or connection beyond the photos. Thanks again.


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