July Journal

Another month has passed so fast – doesn’t it feel almost like yesterday when it was January 2015? And now July is over, so here’s my monthly summary of what has been going on here on the site.

First off, there’s an all-new archive! Frequent visitors probably already saw that there’s a new, single “Archive” page – the sole entry point into browsing all photos (now over 2300!) on my site. This is done via a tag-cloud that is composed of the image keywords. Adding descriptive keywords to the images on the site  is an ongoing (neverending;-) task but most images should have at least a set of basic keywords by now. Have a look!

Also, I’ve been working more with local businesses and clients, something that always gives me the most satisfaction. For example, some of my photos will decorate the walls of a new health center here in San Diego’s North County soon, and I’m pretty stoked about that as you can imagine. :-D

We had some rather unusual weather in San Diego in July, but my photographic activities were limited to some outings to the coast and nearby chaparral hills. I didn’t really take advantage of the crazy weather otherwise – moving somehow drained my energy a little bit and dampened my motivation to get out and hike in the back country. ;-)

Maybe I’ll get another chance in August, if another tropical hurricane like “Dolores” doesn’t dissipate over the ocean and makes it all the way inland? With the warm ocean temperatures and the rumored strong El Nino, one can hope…

A Land Untamed (color) -- Canyon Sin Nombre, Ocotillo, California, United States
A Land Untamed (color) — Canyon Sin Nombre, Ocotillo, CA. February 2015.
New in the “Desert Landscapes” portfolio (see below).

Last not least, here’s the run-down of portfolio additions and archive blog posts. Clearly not as productive as I had hoped to be (at least not visibly productive – keywording the older images is rather time consuming, and it’s only visible when you visit the archive page and browse a little bit), but it has been a good month, nevertheless. Still a TON of catching up to do…

Portfolio additions

Blog archive additions

And that’s it for this month. See you around!

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