July News

The first month of Southern California’s worst season comes to an end – July is over! :-) It’s been a busy month – I’ve been doing a lot of organizational “back-end” work, cleaning up inconsistencies in my local archives, adding archive posts and images to the site, and a lot more. All towards the goal of cleaning up the mess that I left behind during years of clueless publishing of photos to different photo sharing and social media sites, various blogs, and whatnot. Someone should have taught me better housekeeping right when I picked up photography more seriously! Or perhaps I should’ve just listened? :-)

Before I continue with the monthly summary, allow me a quick plug for the…

Summer Sale!

In case you missed it, I’m running a “50%-off-of-the-print-price” summer sale at the moment, which ends on August 23rd. Check out the details in this blog post: Dog Days Summer Sale. And now back to our original programming. :)

Site Status

How things change. Two years ago, I announced that I’d be cutting down the selection of images here on my website – and now I have more images online than ever, right here in the same place. Building this photo site sure has been a long and slow learning process, but I think I’ve finally figured out how I can make it work for me. There’s three main components here on the site now:

  1. the Portfolio section (currently also the start page), which contains themed galleries of the best photos that I have, and very specific galleries with a quite narrow “bandwidth” of images. I know that I need to cut down on the sheer number of galleries, as well as the number of images contained in them, but well, the site and these portfolio galleries have been growing since 2012, and I do make a lot of photos. :-)
  2. the weblog, and primarily, the “Images and Galleries” posts. This is a continuous stream of photos, mostly from short outings, hikes and trips, mixed with the occasional triptych and stuff that I collect in my “Small Sets” – plus some quotes, random single images I deem worth showing, with a bit of photographic wisdom here and there. I’ve actually been expanding the latter part a bit, importing older posts from my (now personal) other blog – you can find those posts in the “About Photography” category.
  3. the Archive page(s) which make it possible to search and browse all images that are on the site. Building these has consumed most of my time because I’m keywording all images in a way that is hopefully more useful for this particular site, rather than applying a generic keywording approach like stock photography sites would. For example: the vast majority of my photos contains no people – having a keyword “no people” like stock photography sites is unnecessary; instead, I have a “people” keyword for the few photos where there actually are people in them. ;-)

Portfolio Additions

This month’s additions to my various portfolios, combined into a single gallery. Only here! Only now! ;-)


Blog Archive Additions

Photo Archive Additions

Last not least, here are the photos that I’ve added to the online archive pages but that do not appear in a blog post or portfolio gallery. I’ve been cleaning up my library a lot this month and closed some gaps between store and website – it helps getting everything organized and prepared in advance of USCO registrations!

And that all for this month…

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