June Wrap-Up

Yesterday, it was January – and today, half a year has passed. At least that’s how it feels. If it wasn’t for the many photos that I’ve added to the website in the last six months (about 500 of them), it would be hard to grasp the fact that half a year has passed. For a number of reasons, a lot of it feels like a blur, and getting older is always a part of it. Let’s have a look at what happened in June on the site and around my photography (because “Nothing happens in June” wasn’t quite true for me;-).I’ve been working on reducing my processing backlog, but wasn’t as successful as I had hoped. At least I’m done with editing and publishing the photos from our April roadtrip (link opens the archive overview, nine posts in total). And I’ve made good progress filling the gaps in the blog post archive as well (see below).

Protecting my intellectual property

I’ve begun to pursue unauthorized usage of my images more aggressively. Using services that are specialized on tracking unauthorized image usage as well as my own image searches reveals a shocking amount of unauthorized uses of my photos. A lot of them I can’t even do anything about because they’re in Eastern Europe or Asia – the challenges of the internet…

Along with that, I’ve experienced first hand now how Google tries to intimidate and unsettle creators who send them legitimate DMCA takedown notices. This is quite an unpleasant experience. While Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and a number of normal web hosting companies are quick to take down infringing content, Google refuses to remove some of it, asserting “Fair Use” on behalf of the infringing users. A call that they legally cannot make, and neither can I (ultimately, the validity of a “Fair Use” defense can only be determined in court).

Apparently though, Google is big enough to pull off this stunt, and conveniently not only hosts infringing material and disobeys the DMCA, but be their own judge and jury now as well. They simply ignore complaints and follow-up emails, effectively showing creators who rely on the workings of the DMCA the finger. It’s an outrage, but which small one-man show artist whose copyright is being infringed is going to take Google to court? Certainly not me…

On to more pleasant news.

Archive Pages

My archive pages are pretty much complete now and they’re available from the menu. You can either browse the entire image archive via the “tag cloud” entry point, or use the individual, contextually presorted archive pages for the “big” categories of my photography. The latest addition is the “Mountains” archive page (link opens in a new tab). Happy browsing! :-)

Portfolio Additions

The gallery below contains photos that I added to one or the other portfolio gallery. Somehow, this is all black & white work this month. Color photos seem to lack the consistency at the moment that I wish to see in portfolio galleries. I guess that will change again. :-)

Blog Archive Additions

Here is the summary of blog archive posts that I added, and there’s some really, really old ones in there this month! :-) I do share these directly on social media as I post them, but they’re not sent out to email subscribers individually, in order to not overload people’s inboxes. If you missed one or the other post on social media, here they are:

Photo Archive Additions

Last not least, the gallery below contains photos that I added to the website, but they do not appear in a blog post or portfolio gallery.

And that’s it for June. Thanks for reading, and see you around!

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