Just some trees (3 photos)

I’m often struggling with incorporating cellphone photos into my normal workflow. Today I browsed my folders from the past months, to see what was in there – and I think these three tree photos from some of my morning walks around here are worth showing.

Scroll down or click to open larger, in the slideshow viewer. Some more thoughts below the photos.

I’ve added some cellphone photos of wildflower to my personal blog today, because I consider them “sketches” that will maybe led to better photos. This is especially true for close-ups, where getting a nice and shallow depth of field with pleasing out-of-focus areas (“bokeh”) is next to impossible with cellphones (FWIW, I think Google’s Pixel phone actually does a better job than the iPhone 7 Plus with the “Depth effect” – not that I’d trade my iPhone for a Google phone because of that; just saying;-).

So image quality is one part of the riddle than I’m trying to solve. Some cellphone photos look really good (like the ones above, obviously;-) but in some situations it’s just not possible to get the same kind of photo that you’d get with a “real” camera. Shallow depth of field is one issue, and not being able to “stop down” another – it’s difficult to reproduce a typical “low and wide” photo with a foreground that is really close, and sufficient depth of field all the way to infinity. Focusing with the finger on the touch screen just isn’t very precise, and a little bit of movement back and forth messes it all up instantly.

But also, some of my cellphone photos are just totally different from my “normal” images – and I’m really scratching my head about what to do with them. They’re too interesting to me to just keep them buried on my hard drive (yes, I’m an oversharer), and of good quality too, so they’d deserve a place here except – they’re photos of paint spilled on concrete, air bubbles in olive oil, and such things. I’m still debating what to do with those photos. Not that they’re that important, of course… just like anything I do. :-} We’ll see.

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