Kohleralm, Gamsknogel, Zwiesel (10 photos)

Photos from a nice summer loop hike in the mountains of the Chiemgau Alps, at the Hochstaufen massif. I started at the Jochberg parking lot, above Weissbach an der Alpenstraße, and first hiked to quiet and comely Kohleralm. This part of the trail is mostly in the forest, and in nice shade. After taking a break at Kohleralm, I continued to Gamsknogel. The trail is much more exposed here, leading through low growing alpine pines, but this section of trail isn’t very long.

The views from Gamsknogel’s summit are really nice, into the low and mostly flat expanse of the Chiemgau region to the north, as well as into the Alps and higher mountains to the south. There’s a trail that continues from Gamsknogel, traversing the ridge to Zwiesel peak. In some spots it’s a bit sketchy and one or the other step is aided with some iron bars that have been fixed to the rock, but it’s never too difficult, even with a little dog (Toni enjoyed the rock-hopping a lot, actually).

I was at Zwiesel peak around 4pm and was getting really hungry so I didn’t spend more time there and descended down to Kaiser-Wilhelm-Haus instead (commonly also called Zwieselhaus). Thankfully, they were still open when I got there and had some pea soup and bread left (I shared the sausage with Toni). From Zwieselhaus, the trail enters the shade of the forest again and goes back to the parking area, making for a nice loop hike.

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