Leitgeringer See

Impressions from an afternoon walk at Leitgeringer See, in addition to the rain abstracts – yes, summer weather in Germany means rain is likely…

My favorite is the photo of the Mountain Ash (which seems to be more common in English than Rowan Tree – thanks Michael Russell for your comment) with the red berries.

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2 thoughts on “Leitgeringer See”

  1. I’d never heard it called a Rowan Tree before – it is referred to as a Mountain Ash in (most of) North America. During some years the berries on the one in my backyard ferment and then I have to deal with fall down drunk American Robins all over the backyard!

    • Thanks. I’ll update the post & caption. I should’ve asked you first. It’s always flying blind – I know the German names (and there are two, either Vogelbeerbaum or Eberesche, regionally different) and when I looked at the dictionary it came up with “Rowan Tree” while Wikipedia said “Mountain Ash” – I gave the dictionary more credibility… :-P


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