Mandatory Stop

Why yes, of course I stopped by “my” Cottonwood tree at Lake Henshaw when I was in the back country on Monday, enjoying the rain – do I even have to say that? :-)

And it was actually raining when I made these photos, but not very hard, so the rain isn’t visible in the photos. I was hoping to maybe somehow make a photo of the tree in rain to add another flavor to the collection (and yes, I missed the golden opportunity to photograph it with snow last winter… maybe I’ll get another chance this year).

October Storm -- Lake Henshaw, Warner Springs, California, United States
October Storm — Lake Henshaw, Warner Springs, CA. October 2015.

I added some “Instagram” like flavor to the photo above – which is a bit of a funny twist, since the image is actually a panorama with ~50 megapixels, making it possible to print it really big, something that can’t be done so easily with actual Instagram processed photos (unless you’re Richard Price, and detail and print quality are the least important qualities of your images – sorry, could not resist…). ;-)

It is of course fascinating how vastly different the scenery looks in October this year after San Diego County got some surprise rain both in July and September, compared to my first October photo of the tree, from 2012. Well, maybe it’s not that fascinating to anyone else but me, but I hope it’s at least interesting. :)

Bonus photo: a second take, including the old fence fragments that I’ve been warming up here and there for inclusion in the photographs.

Old Fence & Cottonwood -- Lake Henshaw, Warner Springs, California, United States
Old Fence & Cottonwood — Lake Henshaw, Warner Springs, California, United States

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