March News

The monthly news and summary of what has been going on here on my website, and about my photography in general.

There’s a new portfolio gallery: Rock Faces. Also, I’ve added photos to the following existing portfolio galleries: Colorful Trees, Fleurs en Noir et Blanc, Chromasea, Arbres Monocromatique – have a look, please.

Coast Live Oak at Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve West, San Diego County, CA.
Tentacles — new in the Arbres Monochromatique gallery.

For the most part though, I’ve been adding archive blog posts, just like last month. I went through my older folders from 2009 and 2010 and added photos from Europe in a number of blog posts. I hope those posts will please my early followers from Picasa Web Albums and Flickr who always preferred my more quiet and contemplative nature photos. I re-evaluated and re-processed a good amount of the photos and I’m quite happy with the way the site grows this way – there are over 1600 images online now as I write this.

One other archive addition that is completed contains blog posts with photos from my outings to the Boden Canyon area. Photos from such canyons are also grouped in the Riparian Woodlands tag archive now, and I think that I have enough photos from these “distinctively not forest and not just trees either” :) areas to form a portfolio gallery in the future.

Archive sections that are still in the making, but worthing browsing already (in my opinion;-) include San Dieguito River Park (which includes nearby Lake Hodges as well as the beautiful Santa Ysabel Preserves) and Huckinger Seen, one of my favorite places back in Austria. Look at the tags that are assigned to each post, at the end of the post – stuff is really coming together and there’s plenty to explore.

With adding that many archive posts and images, adding keywords for the Archive pages (see menu above) has fallen a bit short. The filter bars at the top of each Archive page may not reveal all photos in an archive yet. I’m working on it! :-)

What else is new?

New information about Hiking. Now, it is not my intention to turn this blog into a hiking blog, but when the photos from a hike are consistent enough for a blog post here, I’ll add some (sparse) bits of information about the hike itself to the post as well. My personal and “about photography” blog will still be updated with hikes that I only documented with the phone (or – gasp! – without any photos at all).

Last not least, I photographed a number of houses and condos by now and feedback from real estate agents has been quite positive. I’m happy to announce that I’m officially providing real estate photo services now. You can find more information on our Daylight Colors page.

That’s it for now, stay tuned until next month!

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