March Update

It’s almost unreal – the first quarter of 2016 is already over. The older we get, the more time seems to just fly by, doesn’t it? My theory is that we perceive time relatively to our age – so when I was four, one year was 25% of my lifetime. At 40 though, another year is just 2.5% of my lifetime now and thus, perceived as much much less. Now I don’t want to be four again, but is there a way to slow things down a little bit perhaps?

Low Frequency Oscillation - waves coming in slow at the tide pools of Hospital Point, La Jolla, California.
Low Frequency Oscillation – waves coming in slow at the tide pools of Hospital Point, La Jolla, California. October 2015.

So, looking back at March, here is the summary of what has been going on here, and with my photography.


I already mentioned in my “photo of the month” post yesterday that March was nice to me in terms of photography. Lots of hummingbird photos (and videos), some back country hikes, the desert hike to Granite Mountain. Best of all, I sold some prints that were always among my personal favorites. That made me very happy.

As far as getting things done and staying on top of my editing and post processing queue… it, ahem, didn’t go so well. Still plenty of photos from March that I need to look at, sort, cull, process (as usual, sigh).

Site Changes

I passed a milestone in March: there’s over 3000 photos online on my site now. The majority of them has comprehensive keywording and can be discovered on the Archive page and by searching the site. Now long-time readers will remember my initial attempts at creating rather general archive category pages, and then later on abandoning that idea. And guess what – it’s time to change that again. :-)

I have some photos that I want to put online so that I can consider them “published” and ready to be found, but they’re not really worthy a separate blog post, and they won’t make it into one of my portfolio galleries either. So, I’m adding those rather general archive category pages again, and attach those “stray” photos to these pages.

Stubby branch on an oak resembles the head of a turtle, at Daley Ranch, Escondido, California
Turtlehead Oak — Daley Ranch, Escondido, California. March 2016.

The whimsical “Turtlehead Oak” photo is a good example – I think it’s funny enough to show it, but if I’d create a blog post for every photo like that, it would be overkill. And since the photo page itself and the blog post would be fairly similar, it’s probably considered duplicate content by search engines. (They don’t like that I heard.)

Instead, the photo is attached to the “Trees and Forest” archive page – and the text at the bottom of the photo page and the URL both point to that archive page (you can click on the thumbnail to see it). This makes it easy for me to add photos to the site and provide a bit of surrounding context, instead of just having them attached to the “Archive” start page with its tag cloud.

The other archive pages that are ready to use that way are “Urban and Architecture” (a title that I need to think about more because it’s not really accurate. Essentially, all photos that contain a strong element of “man-made things” are shown there) and “Sea & Coast” at the moment.

Blog Archive Additions

With all the hummingbird action around the house, I didn’t find too much time to work on my blog archives. I managed to get four posts online, and most of the photos in them I hadn’t show before. Please have a look:

And that’s it for the month of March, I think. Stay up to date with my blogposts and subscribe via email. It’s easy and you’ll never receive more than one post per day.

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