March Update

March was certainly the month of moving and updating things. Editing photos fell a bit short because of that. I already mentioned that I moved the blogging part (about my/our travels and daytrips) to a separate blog, hosted on (you can browse the March archive to see individual new images and little galleries from recent outings; I’m posting some photo/tech related posts there as well).

Long exposure sunset photo at Scripps Coastal Preserve, La Jolla, California.
Remembered Dreams — Clouds race across the evening sky after sunset at Scripps Coastal Preserve, La Jolla, California, United States.
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The WordPress theme that I’m using on this site, Portfolio+, recently got updated, and the more I’m using it, the more new possibilities open up (and mistakes that I made in the past bite back now, haha). It’s perhaps a bit too technical to go into the details, but with the new archive view for image and gallery posts, I can present groups of posts in a visually very attractive way, and not have them clutter the core galleries too much at the same time – because they’re still regular blog posts.

This includes my “Small Sets“, which means these little galleries will also reach you if you subscribe to the site. Very nice, and exactly the “in between” solution I’ve been looking for. And I don’t need a “meta gallery” to present the archive of my “Photo of the Month” feature anymore, either. Perfect! My thanks go to Devin Price of, the friendly developer of the theme, who was super helpful with the update, and highly responsive to my reports and suggestions.

Other news bits:

  • I deactivated all social sharing buttons on posts and galleries – no one seems to use them anyway and they only make the site slower (and I’m bored by the pointless contest that the accumulation of these numbers seems to be). I guess I’ll find out if this has any impact at all – but I doubt it.
  • Same goes for the “what’s related” items that appeared at the bottom of each post and gallery. If anyone wants to explore, there’s categories and tags to click on, for both the blog posts and the portfolio items, which serve related content just as well, and with less visual clutter.
  • The whole “travelogue” series (with posts from our Taiwan visit, the trip to Seattle along the coast, and our September road trip) are back on my blog. With these posts gone, I’ll hopefully be able to see through my media library here on the site again… sigh… :)
  • I deleted my Facebook photography page (well, at the moment, it is still in the 14-day wait period before permanent deletion). My reasoning is outlined over on my blog.

Added and updated galleries:

  • Hinterland has some new color photos of California landscapes
  • Chromasea – the photo above :)
  • Coastal Close-Ups was updated with details from the beach, and of tidepools and rocks
  • Seascapes Monochrome has new black & white photos from the coast (mostly long exposure stuff)
  • Withering Tulips is a new gallery with floral close-ups of a bouquet of, you guessed it, withering tulips. :-D
  • Arbres Monochromatique was updated with black & white photos of trees which I discovered while cleaning up the site… duh!
  • Dead Trees is a new small gallery with just four images at the moment.
  • As mentioned above, the “Small Sets” have been converted to blog posts, removing overload from the Portfolio.

I removed the “Assorted Abstractions” and “Penasquitos” Galleries. They were a big mess, mixed black & white and color, inconsistent, and just too random. I’m thinking about dedicating a gallery to Los Penasquitos Canyon (because I like the place very much) with black & white only images (similar to the one for Laguna Mountains). Will require some re-processing and collecting. I like that. And I will never find the time for it.

I also pulled the cellphone images gallery (Mobile Art). I’ve grown so weary of the look of these images, it’s something that I need to keep at a big enough distance, and it’s certainly not something that I want to do in the future, as a photographer. I wrote a little bit more in this blogpost.

And that’s it! :-)

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  1. Hi Alex. Your photography really makes this theme look terrific. Thanks for all the excellent suggestions and beta testing.

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