May News

Another month has passed and I wonder – what did I do?! My photo folder for May 2017 contains almost the same amount of images as the April folder – except that in April I visited Carrizo Plain twice, and in May I stayed home in San Diego County. So really…

What did I do? Photograph Wildflowers!

I did make a lot of wildflower photos in May, that’s for sure! I’m still trying to identify some, and I’ve begun adding them to the site. Maybe I sound like a broken record by now but welllllllll… we did have a pretty nice and wet winter, and in early May a late season storm brought more rain to San Diego County – giving plants and flowers another boost.

The Piedras Pintadas Trail of the San Dieguito River Park at Lake Hodges has been particularly nice, surprising me with an incredible variety of flowers and plants – right now, there’s still Phacelias out there, plenty of the incredibly beautiful Weed’s Mariposa Lily, patches of Charming Centaury, some bushels of Rush Rock Rose, Nutall’s Snapdragon, Showy Penstemon, California Sunflower, Indian Milkweed, Winecup Clarkia, and more – at the end of May! I think this trail must have the best wildflowers of all the trails around Lake Hodges.

I’ve also fallen behind in adding photos to the blog in time, of course – there’s still photos from March that I haven’t gotten around to evaluating yet, let alone processing them. Well, so much for the New Year’s resolution of trying to keep up. I do not dare to look back to last year’s blog posts around that time of the year – I fear I might find a post with similar wording there… ;-)

Portfolio Addition

I’ve added an all-new portfolio gallery: Resistance. Check it out! (it’s not political, don’t worry)

Photo of the Month

My photo of the month for May 2017 is from the desert hike that I did in early May with my friend Tracy. We were making our way through the canyons of the various forks of Palm Wash. I saw this rock fall and the exposed strata, and found the mixture of shapes and colors really attractive. And yes, it’s also just a chaotic jumble of rocks and stuff. :-P

This photo probably contains more of my personal artistic vision than anything else I’ve done in quite a while. Sigh. As I’m learning “what sells” I find that the way I see things photographically is aligning to that – at least to a certain degree. That’s not bad from an economic point of view of course – after all, I do want to sell my photos. But artistically, it also means losing more of that innocence, curiosity, naivety that initially drove my photographic passion.

Based on the simple desire to capture something that was beautiful, or the curiosity to find out what this-and-that would look like when photographed, I raised the camera and made a photo. Which fairly often wasn’t that compelling. :-) So I guess to a certain degree, it also has to do with experience: I know now that I won’t be able to make a compelling photo of some things – and thus, don’t bother to try anymore. Is that good or bad, though? :-]

Rock fall in desert canyon, Middle Fork Palm Wash, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, California, May 2017.
Rock fall in desert canyon, Middle Fork Palm Wash, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, California, May 2017. Click to open in my store, where prints & cards are available for purchase. The photo of the month selection is permanently priced lower than my regular prints.

Site News & Changes

The wildflowers madness has made it necessary to reorganize some things. The portfolio gallery “Native wildflowers in the chaparral” isn’t just an archive anymore – it’s a selection of the better photos now. For the archive purposes, I’ve added a new photo keyword “wildflowers” and every photo that is truly about wildflowers will be tagged with it. I’m adding the color of the flowers as an additional keyword to make it easy to look up a flower by its color. The idea is to be able to go to that archive page, click on “San Diego County” (for example), click on “yellow” and then see, guess what, yellow wildflowers that I photographed in San Diego County.

Needless to say, this archive isn’t perfect (yet;-) as I’m not a botanist, and existing resources like aren’t very accessible to novices (as a friend put it – it helps if you know what you’re looking for… ha!). If you spot any glaring mistakes (or even small ones) I’d be very grateful if you contact me or leave a comment with a correction.

Other than that, I’ve gotten rid of the dates in the blog post URLs – finally! All existing posts should redirect to their date-less new URLs nicely (thanks to Yoast’s nice permalink helper). This has the advantage that I can add older archival posts to the site and when I forget to adjust the date, it’s not a total screw-up that needs to be fixed with redirects. :-} Best of all, the date-based archives for the blog still work, so I can find my old stuff easily (and so can you, should you ever desire – want to see what I blogged two years ago, in May 2015?). Why didn’t I do this sooner?!

I’ve also changed the URL for the entire archive section from “/archive/…” to “/photos/…” which will hopefully speak more clearly to the friendly search engines out there that index the site, making the photos more… findable (is that a word?).

Archive additions

Last not least, here are a few photos that I’ve added to the archive pages, but they do not appear in any blog post or portfolio gallery:

Yep, no blog post archive additions this month (shame on me). So that’s it for May! See you around…

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