May Summary

Recently, someone mentioned that while they do have a “to do” list, they also keep a “done” list. I think that’s a great idea – it’s good to see one’s own accomplishments, a confirmation that yes, we are getting things done. And in a way, my monthly summaries have always been about that, I guess. :) So lets have a look at what I got done in May, here on my site, and around my photography in general.

To begin with, May wasn’t a super productive month – but I added 16 new blog posts to the site nevertheless. Most of them contain a gallery with multiple photos, obviously. And some of them with infrared photos, thanks to Shannon Johnson who allowed me to borrow his infrared-converted Sony A7r (and to Frank Rodrick, who generously let me use his lenses). Having this special camera to play with around for a while got me out making photos quite a lot (I have to return it eventually!), and I’ve still got plenty of infrared photos to process.

And the fact that I’m behind with processing and publishing the new photos that I made doesn’t surprise anyone anymore at this point I guess… it could be worse though: I’m looking at the “regular” photos that I made at the end of April right now, on our road-trip to California’s Central Coast and surrounding areas. There’s a couple more posts to come. Beautiful scenery from Santa Barbara County’s hinterland, a bit of Carrizo Plain (we finally went back there, after five years!), Paso Robles… stay tuned!

In May I also passed a big milestone with my print-on-demand store: over 1000 photos are available there now, as prints and greeting cards. I’ll let you know once I sold the 1000th print but I think that’s going to take a little longer… ;-) Worth noting at this point is that my store is run by Fine Art America, and they have expanded to 14 fulfillment centers now, in five different countries. That’s pretty awesome, since it keeps turnaround times short and shipping costs reasonable, now also for buyers from outside of the United States!

Portfolio Additions

While diving through my archives I found some photos worthy of inclusion in one or the other portfolio. I’m presenting them as a gallery here, together with the new portfolio additions. If you want to have a look at the galleries where these photos appear, they’re “Rock Faces” and “Tree Abstracts & Close-Ups” with two additions each, and my photo of the month for May also appears in the “Laguna Mountains” portfolio.

Hu, those are all verticals! What happened? :-)

Blog Post Archives

Not many blog archive additions in May. I blame the infrared camera. Damn you, Shannon! ;-) I need to pick up my previous pace again. Two lonely posts were added in May.

Photo Archive Additions

I’m closing with another gallery, composed of a few of those “I want to have them online but they’re not portfolio material and I can’t see how to put them into a blog post either” photos that I previously mentioned. You can browse and search the entire archive on my site.


That’s it for May 2016. I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks for looking, and for reading this, all the way to down here. ;-)

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