MemberShare September 2021

As a part of our photo club’s monthly meetings, each member gets to show five of their images, after the main presentation. We call it “MemberShare” and for our meeting today I compiled a group of images from foggy mornings that I made pretty close to our house.

I’m hoping to make the point that it’s possible to make beautiful photographs close to home. The buzzword for highly local content nowadays is “hyperlocal” and I hype… err 😜 hope that you like the selection!

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6 thoughts on “MemberShare September 2021”

  1. Fog is so effective at transforming the mood of an image. And sometimes of hiding what might otherwise be distracting elements. I love these. And I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many egrets in one spot before.

    • The freeway is nicely hidden in the photo of the fog from Bernardo Mountain, isn’t it? ;) (it runs all the way through the frame but you can barely see it, on the very left side)


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