Middle Basin Morning

After the sunrise at Zabriskie Point we went on to hike Desolation Canyon, which is just a short distance away. As mentioned in the previous post, clouds began to move in quickly. We drove down from Zabriskie Point, made our left turn from CA-190 onto Badwater Road, and wow! A beautiful stripe of warm morning light illuminated the landscape.

Shuwen asked me to stop because she had spotted the water from her side of the car and wanted to make a photo. Having just filled my memory card with 40+ exposures in one hour, at Zabriskie Point, I was a bit reluctant to stop within five minutes already and continue making photos, but Shuwen urged me to take a look too.

This beautiful Desert Holly (Atriplex hymenelytra) convinced me. They’re among my favorites in the desert (I have some photos with them lined up for a future Themed Gallery). So here I could combine one of the most drought-tolerant shrubs with water, in the desert! And the longer I looked at this seemingly simple landscape photo, the more I began to like it, so here’s a “single” from between locations. :)

This part of Death Valley’s central basin is called Middle Basin. Further south it’s called Badwater Basin, further north the name is Cottonball Basin. Even further, north of CA-190, it’s called Mesquite Flat.

Next up will be the photos from our Desolation Canyon hike. Or at least some of them, because I’ve made a LOT of exposures there. Might take a while.

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2 thoughts on “Middle Basin Morning”

  1. Thanks, Shuwen! The quality of the light in the foreground is beautiful – very “in-between” looking, truly not-light, not-dark. The sliver of sunlight, the mountains and clouds – it’s an altogether calming, expansive desert scene.


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