Moonrise at Mono Lake

On our way from Conway Summit to Mammoth Lakes we stopped at Mono Vista again (and that photo became my photo of the month for October 2014) before driving down to Lee Vining. There, we stopped at a turnout that overlooks Mono Lake – simply because it looked beautiful with the clouds.

Another car stopped and the driver asked us whether this would be a good spot to see the moon rise to the east – we were rather clueless and didn’t think even think about the moonrise but decided to wait for that. :) The problem was that with the clouds overhead it was surprisingly dark (the photo below is 1.6 seconds exposure time at ISO200), and the moon rises surprisingly fast, and the clouds were swirling around surprisingly fast too!

So, my efforts at capturing a sequence of photos (to later merge them into a more pleasing photo without a fully blown out, pale white and overexposed disc of the moon) were squashed by these rapidly changing conditions (if you every tried to make a sharp photo of the moon as it is just above the horizon, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Or maybe I was just too slow to adapt to the conditions. :) And I still like the photo below enough to show it here. The squiggly lines on the water really make that photo for me. They’re in such a perfect position to complement the moon!

Moonrise at Mono Lake -- Mono Lake, Lee Vining, California, United States
Moonrise at Mono Lake — Mono Lake, Lee Vining, CA. October 2014.

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