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The wildflower bloom at Carrizo Plain National Monument was like a haunting siren song – granted though, it didn’t require much seducing to draw me back to the place that I had visited only two weeks ago.

Peter and I coordinated a two-day trip quite spontaneously – a couple of text messages and we were ready to go. We really made good use of our time! We drove in from the south on day one (my favorite approach), traversing the monument on Soda Lake Road. We then took Elkhorn Road from north to south (exiting via Elkhorn Grade) on the second day. This second day in particular was one continued highlight from beginning to end, since Elkhorn Road is pretty close to the foot of the Temblor Range – where the most dazzling displays of wildflowers were.

Weather was quite interesting, mostly overcast and on the second day rain was passing over the plain north and west of us. This weather of course meant that we didn’t get the most radiant colors of sunlit wildflowers, but instead, nice and even colors and very manageable contrast – conditions which I quite favor anyway.

Here are the first couple of photos, for now – I have many more and will update this post as time permits. Some of my Carrizo Plain photos are available as prints in my store, please have a look if you’re interested: Carrizo Plain Prints (link opens in a new browser tab).

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3 thoughts on “Back to Carrizo Plain”

    • Danke Hans – die Wildblumenblüte dort ist ein sehr kurzes Spektakel jeden Frühling (mal mehr, mal weniger, abhängig von der Menge an Regen die im Winter fällt). Jetzt im Juli ist von der ganzen Pracht nichts mehr zu sehen.


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