Morning Pastels at Cardiff State Beach

The National Weather Service issued a dense fog advisory Friday night and indeed, when I took Toni on her evening walk before bedtime it already felt more humid and there was a certain haze in the air. Excellent!*

When I woke up at 5.30am however, there was no dense fog**, and a quick check of the San Diego NWS channel on Twitter confirmed it: the dense fog advisory had been cancelled. I was up already, so what to do with the early morning?*** It seemed like there were some high clouds in the sky so I poured some coffee into my face, and then the little dog and me were on the way to our favorite beach – and we did not get disappointed.

These are three sets of two images and the two images in each set look fairly similar, but they were made only seconds apart and I like the different patterns in the surf too much to restrict myself to just picking one of each. :)

For this type of photo, exposure times between half a second and two seconds seem to work great.

I also played a little bit with intentional camera movement again, something I haven’t done in a quite a while. I like the results, they capture the essence nicely:

All photos are available as prints and for licensing. Please find more information here and contact me. Prints and licensed images are NOT watermarked, of course.

*) you know that I love wandering through the fog and making photos in the fog, right?

**) this seems to happen when I make photography plans for fog; whereas, when I don’t, there will be fog.

***) you know that I’m not exactly a morning person, right?

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