Morning at the Tabletops

Blogging-wise “right on the heels” of the infrared photos from the Tabletops, here’s another selection of photos from the same place, made on a nice and cool overcast morning at the end of June.

I’ve processed these photos very lightly, some contrast and I brought out that touch of blue hues of the ocean a bit more. I liked the pebbles and the streaks in the sand around them, so I wanted to incorporate them into my compositions. I felt that I should keep the appearance of the photos rather flat to avoid too much separation of the single elements. Well, now that I explained it, it’s probably too obvious!

I’m not sure if these would actually qualify as “high key” (if there is such a thing in landscape photography) but since there’s an almost complete lack of true black and the histograms are pretty much pushed to the right, I thought I’d apply that label here.

For those who are interested in some more of my general photographic ramblings, find them below the gallery, as usual…

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog here – I’ve been working on back-end stuff, cleaning up inconsistencies on the site, adding posts and photos to the archives (which, just as usual, will be summarized in my monthly update, due at the end of July).

I’ve also done my second registration of images with the US copyright office – and retroactively determining the publish dates for photos that I’ve added to the site in 2012 was quite time consuming! These are the house-keeping parts that are absolutely necessary for a photographer – and I wish someone would have taught me that 5 years ago!

So, a bit of advice for aspiring photographers: don’t just throw your photos out there. Collect what you publish (descriptive filename!) and when (exact date, not just the year!) in a spreadsheet, or any other way you like to track that data. You’ll thank me when you do your first (mass) registration with the US copyright office…

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3 thoughts on “Morning at the Tabletops”

  1. Wow, copyrighting your photos, prudent, I guess, but hard to believe (with so so much out there), that people go to the trouble to “stealing” other people’s photos, but I know they do. Bert Wilson (deceased owner of Las Pilitas Nursery) said he found some of his photos from the Las Pilitas website on European websites, I think. Weird. I guess in the Internet world, if you don’t protect, it will be taken.

    • Well, there’s no real protection because people can always make a screenshot. The registration with the USCO is just an added layer of protection – your photos are copyrighted the moment you press the shutter button on your camera…


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