Morning Walk at Wöhrsee

The last photo from my Germany trip is from a morning walk at Wöhrsee, the lake that formed in an old arm of the Salzach river. I’ve taken numerous walks there while I lived in the city of Burghausen, and often with Toni, of course.

On weekdays in particular, it was our morning routing to walk at the lake before I’d go to work, so that the little rascal would have expended some of her energy and be peaceful. :)

On this October morning, almost exactly nine years after I had left Burghausen for San Diego, it was overcast and drizzly. Having experienced the lake and its surroundings in so many different moods and in all seasons, it was difficult to see it with the same curious and keen eyes that I had in the past.

The leaves were beginning to turn at this time of the year, and I did find one quiet and intimate scene that, in its simplicity, captures the quality of this place quite well.

This concludes my series of posts with stories and photos from my Germany trip in 2019. I hope you enjoyed it.

This post was added to the site in July 2022 and dated back to the day when the photo was made, in order to have a chronological archive of the trip.

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