Morning Walk at Lake Hodges (8 photos)

Some cellphone photos from this morning’s walk at Lake Hodges with little Toni. The wet winter really shows. This Spring is special. Lake Hodges is filled up nicely after that heavy storm at the end of February. Everything is so, so very green. I love it!

I’m a bit torn now because I didn’t bring “the real camera” – which I did on purpose of course. The past couple of days have been somewhat “intense” and straining in terms of camera usage – we’ve been looking for wildflowers… not entirely “in all the wrong places” but there were few results worth showing.

Naturally, “pointing the camera at stuff and pressing a button” is really only a small part of the whole process and so I’ve wanted to simplify things this morning. Also, I’ve been having some problems with my right elbow lately and I think holding the somewhat heavy DSLR doesn’t exactly help. :-P And I’ve been using my 24mm tilt-shift lens often (I love that lens), which is fully manual, and that gets straining when done at the pace and level with which I make photos normally (precisely the reason why I wanted to use that lens more – to slow down… ahem).

I guess most of all, what’s draining is this “event driven photography” right now – it’s Spring, it’s wildflower season, we must get out and find things and make photos of them! And that’s just not how I normally approach photography. Normal is: be in a place I want to be, and have the camera with me. The photos are not a side-product, but they’re not a must either.

So this morning I just had the cellphone with me, and then unexpectedly, there was still some fog at Lake Hodges (we live 10 minutes away and it wasn’t foggy at our home) and well… fog and haze just create some lovely atmospheres that are simply irresistible, so here we go… :-)

All photos captured with Lightroom Mobile’s camera and processed at home on the big monitor.

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