What was new in November?

November was a busy month with a lot of activity, both outdoors, capturing new images, as well as in the office, culling and editing both new and older images.

I finally created an album for my beloved Laguna Mountains (the above image is part of it) and decided to go all black & white for a most consistent look (I really want these images to be tied together, and black & white works best for that). The gallery is sure going to grow in the future.

Most importantly, the desert hiking season has begun! There have been additions to the Desert Landscapes gallery already, with images from recent hikes, and there’s sure more to come! For the same reason, new images have been added to the Slot Canyons black & white gallery. I think it’s best if you browse the entire “Desert” portfolio category and have a look at all the galleries. ;-)

I’ve created a couple of new “Small Sets” – my collections of images that usually do not contain more than 3-4 photos each.

Also, I’ve begun to challenge myself to pick one single “Photo of the month” for every month of 2013. Not just in preparation for the coming “Top 10 of 2013” gallery (though it will be helpful;) but also as an exercise to re-evaluate my own work, and to find out to what I’m actually connected to the most. I’ve yet to make a pick for November, actually…

Last not least, the “Black Friday Sales” is still going, and the coupon code is valid for a couple more days, until December 4th.

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