Not the March Madness?


March was a busy month. Spring, green and wildflowers everywhere, running creeks, filled ponds and vernal pools! Lots of running around (not really in all the wrong places though;-) and all that while I’m preparing a Lightroom class for the San Diego Photo Club, and my “photographic hike from coast to crest” for the San Dieguito River Park as well.

There’s still plenty of work to do with the photos that I made in March. Here’s the monthly summary of all that has been going on around my photography and here on this website for March (so far).

Photo of the Month

My photo of the month is from the (photographically quite productive) docent-led hike at the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve. I took a slightly different approach this month, not rating ANY of my photos with 5 stars (my usual “portfolio/favorite” rating). Instead, I left them all at 4 stars, maximum, and then had a long good look at all my 4-star images to make a pick.

There were four finalists – and I feel the strongest connection to this black & white. I love riparian woodlands and their relative chaos, and in this photo everything comes together nicely – a bold dark oak, poison-oak vines that climb up on it, the silver glow of sycamores, and bright fresh green leaves.

As usual, the photo is available as a print, and as the photo of the month, at a much lower price than my regular prints. I know that black & whites are never as popular as color photos – and I think that’s another very good reason to promote a black & white photo as the photo of the month, and at a lower price for the print too. :-)

Oak and Sycamore Jungle at Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, Fallbrook, California, March 2017.
Oak and Sycamore Jungle at Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, Fallbrook, California, March 2017. Click to open the photo in my store.

Portfolio Additions

The following portfolios have been updated, with the photos below: California Trees in Squares, (yep, that one hasn’t seen an update in a really long time – it’s also my “special” portfolio that will always contain only nine photos) Hinterland (with photos from the back country – and quite honestly, I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever add a Lake Hodges photo to it…).

Leftovers from February & Updated Blog Posts

The following blog posts have been updated with more photos, or added to the site and dated back in time to reflect when they were made, so that they appear in the correct spot in the monthly archives on the site (like so: February 2017:-). I’m not sure I can keep this up – I see the benefits of putting out a new blog post close to when I made the photos, but then following up and updating it… man… :-P

Anyway, I’d be pleased if you’d take (another) look at any of these posts: A Winter Day at Volcan Mountain (updated to a total of 13 photos now and I love them); Colorful Chaparral Hillsides at Daley Ranch (4 photos, a leftover from February); Torrey Pines Wildflower Bloom (updated to a total of 7 photos now); Green Desert (updated to a total of 12 photos now).

Blog Archive Additions

I’ve found working on my blog post archives quite relaxing – it may sound odd to re-evaluate and re-process older photos when I have newer ones that I’m not done with, but here’s the thing: I feel so “disconnected” from them by now that it is really relaxing to go through them, be able to be both more critical about them, but also objectively judge the memories that they hold.

It’s fun to process these older photos again and bring out what I find attractive about them in a better way, with better software and my own refined processing skills. And most of all, it’s easy to make a selection that I really like – and don’t doubt, like it happens with newer photos that have not yet passed the test of time.

Here they are: Huckinger See in October (6 photos, color, Austria, October 2009); A stroll through Balboa Park (10 photos, color, July 2012), Foggy Morning at Wöhrsee (5 photos, color, Germany, August 2010)

Archive Additions

Some photos which do not appear in a blog post or portfolio item which I’ve added to the site nevertheless because I think they’re worth having online are in this gallery:

And that’s it for March! Thank you so much for taking the time to look and read if you made it all the way down here! See you around, and I’d be happy if you keep following along.

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