November News

And November is over. That was quick. And here we are, at yet another monthly summary of 2016, and the last one this year. At the end of December, I’ll be posting my annual selection of favorite photos (flashback to 2015) and a look back at the entire year.

This and That

So where did time go? It would be the usual question – except of course that not much was usual after November 8th. The election had a tremendous impact on me and most of my friends. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, reading, gathering my thoughts, hearing other thoughts, trying to come to terms with the results. The week after the election felt like a blur – and I’m still in a state of denial. (I wrote a little bit about it in my personal blog.)

It had a positive side – in the days after the election, many people posted a lot about it (myself included), and I realized that I need to split “Alexander, the person” from “Alexander, the photographer” more strictly, especially on social media. It took me a damn long time to realize that. Even though the brand and the person share the same name, they need to be separated from each other. I don’t talk about politics with art consultants and real estate agents who require my professional services – so why would I do that on social media, where I want to promote “Alexander, the photographer” – and not the person? So the more personal stuff has to go.

As much as I hate their algorithm: for anything that’s related to my photography, I have a Facebook page. Not my personal account. The same for Twitter. My @alexskunz presence is for photography related things, plus some hiking, environmental, climate and weather related stuff. And that’s it. No more political rants, no more “hey T-Mobile what’s up with that?” stuff in my photography-branded social media presences.

Oh and Instagram. I’ve abandoned the idea of sharing cellphone photos there now. Most of the time, it was just more personal and spontaneous stuff – I’m posting those as monthly galleries on my personal blog now because I’d like to put the photos somewhere. But as painful as it is to post DSLR photos to Instagram – that’s what I’m posting there now. The world is silly and wants to look at photos with the best detail quality on the tiniest possible screens? So be it. :-}

Quite honestly, since Facebook took over and added another dreaded algorithm to Instagram, I’m not having high hopes that the platform will work in a useful way for one man shows like me (or most other photographers). Paying to promote every single post just in order to reach the audience that is already following (as it is on Facebook) is simply too expensive. There’s absolutely no return from being on either Facebook or Instagram. Selling prints and licenses just doesn’t happen on these platforms. And so I have yet to see how long I can motivate myself to go through the tedious task of sharing my photos there.

Anyway, on with more enjoyable things. :-)

Portfolio Additions

I have one entirely new portfolio gallery online: Tabletop Tide Pools. Quite obviously, it contains a “best of” selection from my many, many visits to the tide pools at South Cardiff State Beach. As of writing this, the gallery documents and showcases almost six years of seasonal changes, different weather, different light, and different (more or less) artistic approaches to photographing this area – and how my photographic style has changed and evolved. And yes, the question is of course: why did it take me so long to compile this portfolio? I don’t know. Sometimes you don’t see the wood for the trees!

Besides that new gallery, there’s this single photo, which I added to my California Monochrome portfolio:

Blog Post Archives

The blog post archives have been woefully neglected once more, but I managed to give these photos from May 2013 some love, from a lovely hike at Cougar Mountain Wildland Park (12 forest photos, color) with my friend Douglas. I had cherry-picked two or three of these previously and they appeared in my (rather generic) Forest Portfolio and I’m quite happy how the entire set turned out. I guess I miss dense and verdant forests a bit…

Archive Additions

Last not least, some photos that I’ve added to the site but they don’t appear in any blog posts or portfolio galleries. “Twilight at Windansea” is the sister image for my photo of the month from July, and the Pinyon Pine is a photo that didn’t make the cut for the blog post – why? I don’t know… it’s that old problem that images need time, and I’m simply more comfortable when there’s a bit of time between capturing the light and developing the photos and finalizing the selection. Sigh.

And that’s it for November. See you around!

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