October Update

The October Update is really, really short. No archive additions whatsoever, nothing else going on. I’ve been busy selecting and processing the photos from our Eastern Sierra Trip mostly (still a couple to do but the archives so far are here: Shuwen; mine) – and that began to actually wear me out a little bit. Too many photos!

Besides that, I was entangled in some non-photographic real world activities like organizing the garage (hanging shelves and a ceiling rack), dealing with some unpleasant home improvement nonsense that drained my energy more than I would have thought, followed by some good procrastination while trying to make up my mind about general this and that. :-)

If there’s anything that I learned from running photo websites for the past 5 years or so, it is to think about how I want things and how to change them and do them for a very long time. Gather ideas, make a wishlist, pros and cons… so yes, there will be some changes to how Shuwen and I “do things” online at some point, that much I know by now.

Portfolio Additions

I do have three photos from our Eastern Sierra trip by now that I like very much (and I also found one desert photo from our 2014 trip which I’d been staring at in black & white for two years on and off, and when I converted it back to color it finally “clicked”). In general, I feel like I need to reduce the “noise” a little bit – with that I mean reducing the temptation to photograph all things pretty and catchy (like bold fall colors or beautiful night skies) and produce photos that are more personal, more… “me”.

So I’m quite happy about the photos in the gallery below because they are meaningful with regards to my current personal photographic vision. The photos below appear in these galleries: Tree Abstracts & Close-Ups, Rock Faces, Rivers & Lakes (monochrome), Desert Landscapes (color).

And that’s it for this month. I hope I’ll be able to get more productive again in November, otherwise I’ll still be working on my 2016 photos in two years! :-P

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