Oregon Coastal Dunes (10 photos)

I made these photos in May 2013, traveling up along the US West Coast all the way to Seattle with my friend Douglas. I’ve never gotten around to processing them as a set, and only had one or two of them up in the site (in the “Coastal Close-Ups” gallery, and this older blog post). With my new-found approach for blogging more inclusive gallery sets from and about a place, here’s the entire set for the first time – just two years after making the photos!

The weather was quite miserable when we entered Oregon, and it was almost a little bit too much to make photos on the day we arrived at this place near Florence (the first photo is from near Winchester Bay though). We were curious about the coastal dunes and this was a lovely spot, but the strong onshore winds combined with rain were almost too extreme: in the dunes, the sand was whipped up by the wind and caught by the rain, which directly translated to getting sand-blasted.

We hoped the weather would get a little bit better and had lunch first in Florence, then drove back and got lucky – it was still very windy (I guess you can see it in the photos when you look at the dune grass [I believe that the grass is actually European Beachgrass – Arundo arenaria – which is an invasive species, unfortunately]), but at least the rain had almost stopped. To protect our cameras from the flying sand, we wrapped them in plastic bags and only took them out briefly to make a photo. This way we wandered around the dunes for maybe an hour, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience: miles and miles of empty beach. No one there. Quite a contrast to the developed coastline and always busy beaches of Southern California.

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  1. Wonderful images – especially given the conditions. I knew as soon as I saw the first image that it must be near Florence. One of my favorite spots that I’ll likely be paying a visit to in May. There are some great dunes behind a big department store that I found out about. I remember walking around there one day with my camera tucked inside my coat and taking it out quickly for a shot now and then. Just getting blasted by the sand.
    I really like the one with all the pieces of shells, wood, etc. That’s a look I haven’t seen before.

  2. Großartige Fotos…man spürt den Wind und hört das brausen der Wellen…bei Sturm ist es dann aber ungemütlich wegen des feinen Sandes.Liebe Grüße nach Amerika!

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